Source: Retirement: Here We Go, Transitioning To The Distribution Phase – First Six Months

An interesting look into the retirement planning of an individual investor…

Dividend growth investing, retirement


My plan for retirement with diverse and changing income sources.

DGI approach and our portfolio summary.

Summary of results and observations for the first six months.

Key retirement considerations discussion.


I graduated from working last year. Yes, I know this is commonly referred to as “retired”, but I like “graduated” better. As an electrical engineer, I like to say “I hung up my slide rule.” I graduated shortly after turning 60, and my wife is 54.

This article will present our basic financial situation and discuss how we’re approaching our transition from Accumulation to Distribution. My goal is to share some of my thoughts and observations to help those working towards this milestone. I also hope to get some good feedback on my thoughts and some new ideas from your comments.In addition, I’ve included a section that describes my general Dividend Growth Investing approach and summarizes our holdings and industry diversification at this point.  read more ->

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