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August ’20 Market Commentary

Newton’s second law of motion teaches us that the acceleration of an object is the result of two factors: the forces acting upon it and its mass. The greater the velocity and mass, the greater the momentum. A large object set on a particular course becomes difficult to stop or change direction. The same can be said when it comes to…

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July ’20 Market Commentary

Invest for the long run. A concept easy to grasp but for most, difficult to execute. Long-term thinking is uncomfortable because it involves the challenging task of forgoing short-term satisfaction in favor of future well being. The close a potential reward is…

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Quarter 2 2020 Market Commentary

The reward for taking risk is potential gains. The consequences of taking risk are potential losses. Risk, reward & consequences – balancing these factors lie at the core of investing. When the consequences of risk taking are removed, people are naturally incentivized to take additional risk. At times, we may fool ourselves into believing that the consequences of risk taking…

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May ’20 Market Commentary

Fear is an emotion, it’s the perceived risk that someone or something is dangerous. Danger is the possibility or actual risk of suffering harm. Investors can miss out on return when fear is high and potential danger is low. Low levels of fear, couple with…

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