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Letter from the CEO

Much like the events surrounding 9/11, Americans are being introduced to terms and actions that were not in our vernacular 45 days ago as a result of COVID-19. This too is an event…

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March ’20 Market Commentary

People tend to underestimate low probability events when they haven’t happened recently. At the same time, we tend to project recent events – both positive and negative – indefinitely into the future. As COVID-19 fears continue to roil markets…

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February ’20 Market Commentary

It’s perfectly natural to fear what we do not understand. The Corona virus epidemic is certainly a situation that’s difficult to understand. The virus came out of nowhere, we have no idea howling the situation will persist, or what the overall…

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February 27th ’20 Market Update

When it comes to investing, people dislike losses twice as much as they like gains. This imbalance between our feeling around gains and losses, cause anxiety for investors when markets become volatile. Over the past several days…

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January ’20 Market Commentary

A dovish Fed response to the equity market drawdown during Q4 of 2018 served as springboard for equities to rally in 2019. Likewise, the 2019 equity market rally set the stage for market vulnerability heading into 2020. While it’s difficult to…

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Quarter 4 2019 Market Commentary

There are times when everything seems to work in our favor. That’s similar to capital markets in 2019, everything seemed to fall into place. While the U.S./China trade narrative and weakening economic growth induced bouts of volatility…

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November ’19 Market Commentary

Markets continue to react to the latest news surrounding the U.S. & China trade negotiations. News of the potential “skinny” trade deal was enough to send the S&P 500 to new highs in November, bringing the total return to an impressive…

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October ’19 Market Commentary

Fueled by optimism surrounding a potential trade agreement between U.S. and China, along with expectation of continued Fed easing, stock and bond markets delivered another month of positive returns in October. International markets…

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Quarter 3 2019 Market Commentary

Thus far, 2019 has been a solid year for investors with both equity and fixed income delivering positive returns YTD. The third quarter saw the S&P 500 continue to march higher, +1.70%. International indexes represented by the…

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July/August ’19 Market Commentary

In today’s world, financial news moves swiftly and flows in waves. Sometimes the waves are docile, other times they are fierce, causing market disruption. The end of July through the first few weeks of August is no exception. As earnings season unfolded…

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