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October ’20 Market Commentary

Similar to numerous elements of life, investing involves making difficult choices. The good news when investing is you can have anything you want. The bad news, you can’t have everything you want. That’s because all investment strategies work some of the time, while no investment strategy works all of the time. Investing isn’t an all or nothing game where we have to hit the bullseye every time to be successful. We can score points for merely landing in the correct vicinity. The critical idea is to embrace…

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Quarter 3 2020 Market Commentary

The price of every decision is the opportunity cost because every choice involves giving up something. Choose wisely, and collect the rewards. Choose poorly, and risk wasting time, money, or energy on a situation worth avoiding. The more choices we have, the more compelled we are to act because taking action feels prudent, while not taking action can feel reckless. The world of investing can be complicated, but greater complexity does not…

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