Recent political developments illustrate the instability of our current political climate. In this video, Steve and Travis discuss how to navigate markets in the current environment.


  1. Dave Soto

    Excellent insight on the election and how it may, or may not affect the market. How do politics impact earnings? It is important to know these issues. Thanks for the information.

  2. Steve Wilbur


    Great question and thank you! There are so many ways politics can influence company earnings. Regulation is something that can have an impact on companies depending if the regulatory environment is over burdensome. There needs to be a fine balance though because the past has shown not enough regulation can cause issues as well…. aka: financial crisis of 2008. Travis our CIO gave me a study JP Morgan released that shows one party has not been more favorable than another in the past. When we see each other remind me to show it to you. Hope this helps and I can give you more examples when we talk.


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